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What’s better than the rich, aromatic smell of coffee in the morning? The warm, comforting scent of a fresh, micro-roasted brew is the reason of our existence. We love what we do, and we do what we love. 

Essentially, micro-roasting is a process that coffee enthusiasts have discovered to draw out the most complex flavours of coffee beans. Micro means small. For micro-roasting, coffee makers roast the beans in small batches (150 pounds or less) through a highly controlled process. Instead of roasting the beans in bulk, this slower, methodical process creates a higher quality product with more flavour and better taste. For those that have tried micro-roasted coffee, it is very difficult for them to return to store-bought beans. It’s that much better. 

Micro-roasted coffee can be a blend of beans or a single origin bean. Typically, blends are sourced from different locations whereas a single origin bean is the bounty of one crop. Coffee beans can vary in taste depending on the environment that they were grown in; so, the process for selecting these beans has a huge impact on the flavour of our coffee.  

Another element that affects the overall taste of micro-roasted coffee is the type of bean: Arabica or Robusta. Typically, Robusta beans are used in commercial coffee brands because they are easy to grow and less expensive to produce. They have a more pungent smell and bitter taste.

We mainly choose Arabica beans, they are more expensive as they require nutrient-rich soil and optimum weather conditions, which also makes them more complex in flavour. Before they are roasted, Arabica beans have a slight blueberry odour. They provide a wonderful base for micro-roasted coffee. 

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